Enhance programming automation with custom macros, add-ins, or cycles.

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Macros and Add-ins

Macros are commands within a program that represent a series of operations. Essentially shortcuts, macros reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, increasing productivity. Utilizing macros to program families of parts is especially useful. Logistically, the strategy behind programming similar featured parts is identical, despite varying dimensions. We can develop a single macro to accommodate an entire family by drafting formulas and functions that allow for variable inputs. With the user-friendly interface, anyone with typing ability would have the power to program. Developing a macro for families of parts would substantially cut programming times and costs.

Add-ins, also shortcuts, complement and extend the basic functionality of your software. Using Esprit's open API and Visual Basic we can fully integrate add-ins into your software by adding customized toolbar buttons that perform specific functions.



Optimize machine tool performance with customized post processors.

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Post Processor

Avoid extended machine downtimes, operator edits, and post revisions. We develop, optimize, debug, and prove out ESPRIT post processors.


Accomplishing a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort is a critical element in achieving productivity. Drastically cut manufacturing times by automating processes in your programming department.

Shape Design Technologies enhances programming automation by developing custom macros, add-ins, cycles, and post processors.

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