2−Axis Turning
SolidTurn Traditional

CAM for 2−Axis Turning. ESPRIT streamlines and standardizes your lathe machining, with a minimum investment of time and training. ESPRIT SolidTurn features a comprehensive suite of machining cycles and flexible tooling options:

  • Contour Profile Cutting
  • Roughing
  • Drilling and Hole Making
  • Grooving
  • Threading
  • Part Handling
  • Tailstock and Steady Rest Control
  • Library of Standard ANSI and ISO Inserts
  • Library of Standard ANSI and ISO Holders
  • User-Defined Custom Tools and Holders

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Multi−Axis Turning
SolidTurn Production

CAM for multi-spindle and multi-turret turning. Gain full control and unlock the potential of your production turning center. Work simultaneously on the front and/or back of a work piece with one or more cutting tools. When using ESPRIT, cycle times are dramatically reduced and parts are completed in a single set-up. SolidTurn Production adds the following functions:

Swiss-Style Machine Support

Multi-Axis Turning

Turret and Spindle Control

Gang-, slide-, or turret-based cutting tools.

Balanced Rough

Time Studies

Real-Time Solid Simulation


SolidTurn Traditional Module (2−Axis Turning)

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Turning Options
Turning-Specific Options
SolidTurn Multi-Spindle

2−axis turning add-on to support multiple spindles.

SolidTurn Multi-Turret

2−axis turning add-on to support multiple turrets.

Factory-Certified Post Processors

Factory-certified post processors for leading machine tool brands.