2−Axis EDM
SolidWire Gold

ESPRIT simplifies your part-programming process, increases part accuracy, and reduces the length and complexity of your G-code program. SolidWire Gold offers the following functionalities:

2−Axis Contouring

3−Axis Tapering

Advanced Conics

No−Core 2−Axis Pocketing

EDM Drilling

Part Handling

Manual EDM

Complete Control Over All Cutting Conditions and Strategies

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Multi-Axis EDM
SolidWire Platinum

Full 3D CAM for 2-5−Axis EDM programming.

5−Axis Machining Cycles

4−Axis XY and UV

Unlimited XY and UV Synchronization

3D Non−Planar XY UV Profiles

Non−Planar Work Piece Fixturing


SolidWire Gold Module (2−Axis EDM)

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EDM Options
EDM-Specific Options
EDM Machine-Specific KnowledgeBase

Full range of cutting features and automation, with
access to EDM manufacturer's unique cutting technology.

Factory-Certified Post Processors

Factory-certified post processors for leading EDM machine tool brands.

Charmilles CT-Expert

Database for cutting technology, automatically loads values and cutting conditions recommended by manufacturer into program.

CAM Generator

Chain feature of a cam profile, tool for generating profile needed to machine a cam of a specified design.


Turn-and-Burn− rotary axis as indexer, rotating workpiece into position before cutting begins.
Turn-while-Burn− rotary wire EDM contouring operation, rotates part while wire is cutting.

Gear Generator

Chain feature of an inner or outer gear.