KnowledgeBase expands the productivity and automation capabilities of ESPRIT. By providing a single source for all your shop floor data, KnowledgeBase improves efficiency, consistency, and quality of machining operations.

Fundamental KnowledgeBase features are a core component of the ESPRIT CAM systemquestion mark for more info. The following advanced functions are available as an option:

Process KnowledgeBase

Database of proven processes and best practices. User defines part types and their default machining processes. Using this information, Process KnowledgeBase automatically chooses the most suitable process to machine a given feature, eliminating the need to create operations one by one.

Default KnowledgeBase

Database of groups of defined machining preferences. Machining preferences are defined by setting default values for each machining cycle. Once defined, default settings are automatically loaded for use in similar projects.

Part-Feature KnowledgeBase

Database of features (like pockets, slots, shoulders, holes). Part-Feature KnowledgeBase subdivides a given part into features and automatically categorizes these features into feature cases, based on shop's standards, terminology, and each feature's characteristics. Programming automatically starts with a clear definition of what is to be machined.

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A predefined standard containing information about cutting conditions, preferred cutting speeds, and feed rates to use under those conditions. When selected in an ESPRIT document, ESPRIT automatically calculates acceptable cutting speeds and feedrates based on the data.


Charmilles CT-Expert, database for cutting technology, automatically loads values and cutting conditions recommended by manufacturer into program.

CAM Generator

Creates a chain feature of a cam profile based on values provided by the user. A tool for generating the profile needed to machine a cam of a specified design.


Turn-and-Burn uses the rotary axis as an indexer, rotating the workpiece into position before cutting begins.

Turn-while-Burn creates a rotary wire EDM contouring operation that rotates the part while the wire is cutting.

Gear Generator

Create a chain feature of an inner or outer gear.

Report Generator

HTML generated reports that detail the tools and operations for any of your part files. The preformatted reports are an important NC post processing tool and invaluable shop floor resource. Reports provide the machining details required to correctly set up a machine and perform the required machining operations.

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Data Import
Optional Data Readers

Out of the box, ESPRIT reads data from a number of native formatsquestion mark icon for more info. The following are available as options.


Native file readers included in ESPRIT−

  • CSV

  • DXF

  • ACIS (SAT)

  • TXT

  • IGES

  • VDA-FS

  • AutoCAD (DWG)

  • Mechanical Desktop

  • Parasolid (X_B, X_T)

  • Autodesk Inventor (*.ipt, *.iam)

  • Solid Edge (*.par, *.psm, *.asm)

  • SolidWorks (*.sldprt, *.sldasm)


STEP Native File Reader

Pro/Engineer Native File Reader

CATIA V4 Native File Reader

CATIA V5 Native File Reader

Unigraphics Native File Reader

JT Native File Reader

STL Import/Export

Post Processors
Post Processors
Factory Certified Post Processors

Factory-certified posts are available for many of the leading machine tool brands. Proven, out-of-the-box operation, with modification capabilities to suit shopfloor requirements or preferences.